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What Else Do You Need To Tackle COVID-19?

What Else Do You Need To Tackle COVID-19?


Which Personal Protective Equipment Do You Need To Help Flatten The Curve?

Information around the novel coronavirus is rapidly changing. The information contained within this article is correct at time of publishing. For the most current advice, please see your state government's health advice.

There is a huge demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) after the latest announcements regarding COVID-19. To help stop the spread of infection, you are advised to wear PPE if you are a service worker, and required to go into your place of work even during quarantine.

At Pro-Val, we supply a range of protective clothing, accessories, and equipment which comply with current industry standards. From P2 respirators to gloves and coveralls, check out our range online.

Why you need PPE

If you work in a service industry like a hospital, supermarket, or pharmacy, you'll be required to wear a certain level of PPE as advised by your employer. 

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services has deemed all non-essential venues, shops, cafes, and retail stores shut their doors, while 'essential' services will remain open. Essential services include places like:

  • Medical services like hospitals and medical centres, as well as aged care residences
  • Food services, like cafes and canteens in hospitals or supermarkets
  • Pharmacies
  • Public transport services

So, if you work in any of the above sectors, or run a business in any of the above sectors, you're going to need PPE for you and your staff.

What do I need to wear other than a mask?

It's common knowledge by now that most people currently working in the above industries have been cautioned to wear masks. We have recently experienced exponential demand, and are working hard to restock our single-use masks and P1 and P2 respirators. In the meantime, there is other PPE you may be required to wear.

If you work in medical services

The government has released new information on the type of precautions medical professionals will need to take when/if they come into contact with suspected cases of COVID-19. 

In addition to wearing a face mask, any health professional who has to enter the room of a patient who meets the suspected case definition needs to wear:

If the patient has symptoms of pneumonia, health professionals will need to use a P2 respirator when taking swabs and samples.

If you work in food services

If you work in a canteen or cafe within a hospital, you'll need to take extra precautions. In addition to current safety practices, such as:

You may also need to invest in:

The key to stopping the spread of infection also lies in stringent food safety handling practices. When handling food, you'll need to ensure you are washing your hands often, and in the correct manner, as well as continually disinfecting surfaces with industry-grade cleaning products.

Wash hands with soap and water

If you work in a supermarket

Thanks to the new measures of social distancing, it's no longer a requirement to wear a mask if you work in a supermarket. However, it is advised.

You will need to wear gloves, especially when handling food packaging. If you work in the deli section, you'll need to wear berets and beard gloves. You may also need special PPE items such as:

If you work in a pharmacy

If you work in a pharmacy, you are more at risk of coming into contact with people who may be infected with COVID-19 but are a-symptomatic. You'll need to wear PPE such as:

Keep industry-grade hand sanitiser at all checkouts, and ensure you wash your hands frequently and properly. 

If you work in public transport services

With social isolation techniques currently in place, there are fewer people on the trams than ever. As long as you wash your hands often, use sanitiser frequently, and ensure the tram is cleaned with the right cleaning products, you may not need to wear any PPE at all.

But, if you were worried, a mask and gloves is always the first line of protection.

Why choose Pro-Val?

We provide high quality PPE items for commercial and industrial uses. Every item we sell has been manufactured to comply with relevant industry standards, and we already supply to leading Australian businesses and institutes.

All of our products undergo rigorous quality control inspections before they are passed on to the public. 

Get in touch with us today, so you can help prevent the spread of infection from COVID-19, and help flatten the curve. We've got glovesprotective clothingwipesbed sheets and pillowcasesfreezer wear, and products on special.

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