Disposable Plastic Aprons

Safe, quality disposable aprons and gowns

Using disposable plastic aprons

Disposable plastic aprons protect your clothes and skin from splashes and soiling. These products are engineered to exacting standards, ensuring that your job can continue safely, without risking contamination.

Pro-Val’s high quality range of disposable plastic aprons and gowns protect against:

  • Infection diseases, including scabies, shingles, and salmonellosis
  • Chemicals used in cleaning, maintenance and custodial work
  • Dirt and dust from outdoors and indoors activity, including gardening
  • Water and oil in cooking, catering, and other food-based businesses
  • Blood and other fluids from nursing and other medical work

If your line of work requires comprehensive resistance to fluids, solids, and other contaminants, combined with the flexibility of disposable plastic, then our disposable aprons are your best first line of defence.


Pro-Val’s range of disposable plastic aprons and gowns are made from cast polyethylene film, which is completely waterproof. Other features of our products include:

  • For aprons: back ties and thumb loops for easy of use and accessibility
  • For aprons: tearable design for easy removal without having to lift over the head
  • Ranges of sizes to accommodate a wide variety of adult users

For other methods of protective clothing for the entire body, check out our range of disposable coveralls and lab coats and dust coats.

Disposable aprons in the field

Disposable aprons and gowns are ideal for fast-paced settings that require constant changing between working and professional attire. Our range of reliable disposable plastic aprons and gowns are suitable for a variety of industries, including:

  • Cooking and catering, especially staff who work both front and back of house
  • Butchery and food processing, preventing against splashes during intense work
  • Cleaning and custodial work, offering the clothes and skin a shield against chemicals
  • Medicine and aged care, protecting from blood and other potentially hazardous fluids
  • Home and commercial gardening, keeping the clothes free from dirt and water
  • Beauty industries, preventing stains and smears on clothes
  • Research industries, keeping researchers safe and protected
  • Manufacturing and industry, halting the constant build up of grime
  • Mortuary and funeral services, when dealing with chemicals and fluids

Workplace health and safety

Providing a safe, healthy, and stable workplace is a cornerstone of operating a business in Australia. If your enterprise does not uphold the standards of the Australian Government’s safety parameters, you could face fines of up to $800,000, which may lead to business closure and imprisonment.

As an industry leader in protective clothing, Pro-Val can ensure that you always remain compliant with legislated standards. Our disposable plastic aprons and gowns are an essential element of workplace health and safety for many industries, including the ones mentioned above.