Heavy Duty Gloves

High quality heavy duty gloves

Using heavy duty gloves

Pro-Val reusable heavy duty gloves are ideal for use in applications where increased material strength or chemical resistance is required. Pro-Val’s heavy duty gloves are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure your hands are protected, even under extreme conditions.

While each heavy duty glove in our collection is suitable for a specific situation, combined, our range can be used to:

  • Protect your hands from a wide range of chemicals, including petroleum-based solvents, oils and greases
  • Provide protection against abrasions and snags
  • Protect against acids, caustics, oils, fats, petroleum hydrocarbons and alcohols
  • Keep your hands safe from a wide range of solvents and ketones such as MEK, Acetone, Toluene and Xylene
  • Provide contact heat resistant protection for the hand and forearm up to 350 degrees Celsius

Our range of heavy duty gloves are strong, durable, and provide excellent protection. However, they will only provide the right protection if you’re using the correct heavy duty gloves. To find the correct heavy duty gloves for your workplace, explore the specific product pages or contact our expert customer service team. They will help assist you in choosing the right gloves to protect your hands under a variety of hazardous conditions.