Cut Resistant Gloves

Safe, comfortable and durable cut resistant gloves

Using cut resistant gloves

Cut resistant gloves are an essential safety measure for many industries, especially those that require the use of sharp and dangerous tools on a regular basis.

High quality cut resistant gloves from Pro-Val have been designed to exacting standards to protect your hands from a range of hazards. Each product is categorised based on 4 ratings:

  • Abrasion — measuring resistance to scraping and friction
  • Cut — measuring protection against sharp edges
  • Tear — measuring defence against pulling apart by force
  • Puncture — measuring resilience against small points of contact

A product’s performance in these categories will underpin its effectiveness in a range of situations. The right cut resistant glove for your workplace will rely on its specific application.


Pro-Val’s high quality range of cut resistance gloves are made from a range of strong plastics and other materials to prevent against unnecessary hand injury. Other features of our products include:

  • Nitrile palm coating for enhanced grip
  • Oil, chemical, and water resistance
  • Breathable and flexible designs for comfort and dexterity
  • Ventilation for sweat evaporation
  • Reusable and washable

The exact features of each glove will vary. For more information about our cut resistant gloves, visit each specific product page, or get in touch with Pro-Val’s expert customer service team.

Cut resistant gloves in the field

As well as exposure to sharp tools and other implements, cut resistant gloves can prevent hand injuries in a range of environments. These include:

  • Glass, steel, metal, and fabrication industries
  • Automotive repairs and servicing
  • Oil, chemical, and other fluid handling
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Construction and forestry
  • Fisheries, abattoirs, and butchers
  • Food handling and processing
  • Commercial kitchens and catering
  • Storing, packing, and warehousing
  • Mining and drilling

Workplace health and safety

Workplace health and safety is an important tenet of business ownership in Australia, and hand protection is an essential part of this framework for many businesses. All businesses must uphold state and federally mandated safety regulations in the workplace, or risk facing fines, closure, and even imprisonment.

Pro-Val is an industry leader in protective wear, and are dedicated to helping you remain compliant with these standards. Each of our cut resistant gloves are manufacture to meet the Australian standard of AS/NZS 2161.3:2005, or the European equivalent, EN388.

Our products are manufactured to meet these testing standards, so you can rest assured that your workforce is protected at all times. For exact information on each product’s Abrasion, Cut, Tear, and Puncture score, please visit the individual product pages, or call our friendly customer service team for more information.